"Tha daoine matha an-seo."

Translation:There are good people here.

May 27, 2020

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At normal speed, is the plural distinguishable from the singular? This sounded like "Tha duine math an-seo" to me.


It is quite subtle in this fragment, the way I hear it the vowel in daoine is longer than I'd expect for duine. And matha is disyllabic with a "break" in the middle as [a.ə]. The sequence matha an-seo is thus: ['ma.ǝ.ǝn'ʃo].

Elision of schwa is quite common in normal speech, but keeping matha distinct from math in a sentence like this would be motivated: tha daoine math an-seo would mean "people are good here". (I'm not sure if people who pronounce matha as [ma.ə] would preserve the h-sound at the end of math before the vowel of a following word to aid in this distinction.)

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