odd questions?

Hàlo, charaidean

I've been trying the duolingo plus tet feature but i am just finished checkpoint one and keep getting asked questions about blood? and colours even though I have never came across these yet? (if so, i suppose ive got some fun topics coming up about blood and broken bones ahaha)

Is this an error or is it meant to test you on stuff you haven't covered yet?

mòrang taing! Niven

May 27, 2020


I've seen other posts about getting words you haven't been introduced to yet, but I don't think that I experienced that myself.

Did you know that if you hover over the dotted line under words (don't get this in every question though) you will see a box with a translation? Also, are you reviewing the tips for every lesson? Here is the path to all of them:

Another user just posted a detailed list for every lesson here: Vocab per Skill Unit for the Scottish Gaelic / EN Course (34 skills)

Here is another online dictionary that might help with words you don't know:

Hope that helps.

Its when I use the checkpoint test, it throws in words that I haven't even seen. But as it is the best you cant Hoover for the translation.

I use the tips yes.

I think you can proceed to the checkpoint before doing all the lessons before this checkpoint. It is kind of a shortcut, but if you do not have any previous knowledge of Gaelic it is close to impossible to pass. In addition, you should do lessons from left to right. Otherwise you may come across words that are in the lesson to the left. Blood is part of the "body" lesson, and colors have a lesson of their own.

It was checkpoint 1, so colours and blood aren't in any of the previous must have been an error then.

Another thing to bear in mind is that I think the checkpoint tests (if you mean the castles numbered 1 to 4) are supposed to be a different kind of beast to the rest of the tests: you are supposed to pass them, but they're also partly there for Duolingo (and maybe our Gaelic language team? Not sure) to see what the standard of people going through each checkpoint is. Consequently it would make sense to ask some stuff you haven't been taught on this course in order to gauge whether you're picking some of the language up from other sources.

That makes sense. Just caught me off guard

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