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Can't complete lesson on Desktop

I'm trying to study on my desktop. I can get through the lesson, but cannot complete it. Instead of indicating that I completed it, I get bounced back to the initial lessons page and am stuck on the lesson I just completed. Has this happened to anyone else, and is there a solution to this problem?

August 13, 2012



what browser and what add-ons do you use?


I'm having the same issue, whether I'm using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, none with any add-ons.


One of our engineers looked into this. What kind of internet connection do you use?


I am just sruggling with the same. I mostly use a fresh copy of Chrome, which is definitely not compatible with Duolingo. A have an old InternetExplorer (IE7) which used to work somewhat, but the display is often messy. I had some success using an old FireFox, then a new, fresh FireFox as well. It was about 2 weeks ago. Now I am trying to complete a level and even if I complete it without any errors, on the end I am just dropped back where I was earlier. I am unable to earn points. The last hal an hour I spent with compleing Basics2/6 - three times. No luck.

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