i tried learning Hindi at one point. i think its a beautiful language, but i could never keep track of all those symbols :o my head would just pop. and how on earth are you supposed to type it one a keyboard anyway.

May 27, 2020


Hindi is not really hard but yes, at the starting it can be very puzzling. Just don't give up and you will see how good your Hindi will turn out to be. Hope I was helpful

It's really not as complicated as it looks at first. For one thing, there aren't any capital letters, so you only have to learn one version of each character. (There are different fonts, of course, and ligatures, which make things a bit more complicated.)

The keyboard isn't too bad; just a bit different from typing in English. In very loose terms, there's a key for each character and different keys for vowel diacritics, plus a handy halant key for ligatures.

Try writing it out by hand first, though, and that should make it a lot easier to move to typing. After all, you've figured out the English alphabet and English keyboard, so you should be able to handle the Hindi one!

Hahah! I am a native and I struggle too although I moved from India when I was 11 even when I was there I was confused sometimes so don't get discouraged!

I wrote the Hindi alphabet hundreds of times until I felt comfortable with it

Thanx ill keep that in mind

Don't worry mate you will learn just need some practice..

To learn the letters, just write it once on paper. Look at basic words and try to read them out whilst looking at the alphabet which you have written. Keep doing this on a daily basis, and I promise you that you'll know all of the letters in a couple of weeks.

Hello friend. You can use gboard app for typing. Add Hindi language in keyboard.

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