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New youtube channel to learn Hindi

A friend of mine just started a youtube channel to learn Hindi. There is a great lack of learning resources on the internet and most of the channels that I have found at youtube are just a collection of random sentences and mostly for beginners, or the announcer speaks too much English.

What I find great about Niraz's channel is that he speaks only Hindi and adds English and Hindi subtitles, which can also be very useful for learners.

Check it out his nice story with some questions at the end (useful pattern, isn't it?) about the Mahabharat! I like Hinduism and Indian culture in general and that kind of rich content and format is perfect for me.



May 28, 2020



Interesting! I look forward to checking it out.


This looks very promising.

Thank you for the tip! And please thank your friend for all of us.


thanks! sounds very interesting!


Great resources! Thank you very much for long, long time!!

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