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Help! My MOZILLA failed to open, it show blank page most of the time!

Hello, last time I faced the SSL error problem of browser chrome & I had open a post here (refer link below), but still cannot solved the problem. So at last i change to mozilla to open duolingo, since it still can open.


But this 2 days I faced another problem which is my mozilla browser unable to open Duolingo as well. It come out blank page with only a word support on top of left page (refer picture link below).

blank page


I had try to install another opera browser to see whether able open duolingo page, but too bad it was same as chrome also show SSL error.

Now my pc unable to get in Duolingo but sometimes midnight can get in a while. But most of day time it only show blank page. I dunno why become like this and I a bit fed up with this.

Now i was borrow my brother laptop to get in here and post this.

For my further pc information can get at my previous troubleshooting post there, please help me solve the problem, even though SSL error unable to solve but i hope I able to login Duolingo with Mozilla at least. T_T

Windows OS = XP SP2

Mozilla = Ver 12.0

July 29, 2014



Why are you not running Windows XP SP3? There is a hotfix to the SSL stuff, but it requires SP3. Also in your SSL thread you said Duolingo runs SHA256, but from what my Chrome tells me it's running SHA1, with TLS 1.0. But that might be because that's all my computer supports.


The cause really relate to windows Sp version? But I only got Sp2. How to update to SP3?

Besides even I using my brother laptop which is windows 7, but sometimes also come out blank pages with support word also, but it still more easy to access in compare to my pc after refresh.

For SSL error obviously happen after they updated certificate because the 1st day of the certificate is the day my pc occured SSL error.

I checked my brother PC it show the certificate is use SHA256


Chrome is up-to-date so it should not be Chrome related. It should be offered when you run Windows Update. Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?


And Windows Update does not offer you the SP3?


Is it happening on your brothers computer right now? Could you on his computer press ctrl + shift + j when in Chrome and then try to load the page? Make sure it's under the tab "Console"


His pc able to get in back after i refresh few times


Just now try my pc again mozilla can get in. But i duno when it will become blank pages next time. x___X

But before that It keep on blank page only.


Again blank page after refresh, really fed up. = =

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