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  5. "The maid wants tea."

"The maid wants tea."

Translation:De werkster wil thee.

July 29, 2014



Wouldn't "de werkster wilt thee" be correct here? Or is there a rule I do not know yet?"


It's just how you conjugate the verb in the present tense

Onvoltooid tegenwoordige tijd

ik wil

jij wilt

hij wil

wij willen

jullie willen

zij willen


Ah, thank you for explaining :)


this has given me also some trouble. so often we use -t, so i think of it this way: "the maid, SHE wants tea". not correct in general, maybe, but good enough for a rough idea in an explanation. you see, the -t is for "you" (singular), and "wil" is for "he/she"


"The maid" is ambiguous. A worker in a home is a werkster or a poetsvrouw. But a young woman is a meid.


In Flanders we use 'meid', although it's kind of old-fashioned


Hi Jess, you are right. Not fair to translate maid only by werkster: POETSVROUW is ok. Also "dienstmeid" , to distinguish from "kerel/meid" in emotional expressions as "Hey kerel/meid, hoe gaat dat nog met je?!" ( Eng. Hi fellow (buddy, pal..?)/girl (maid?) how are you doing lately?!). Bye

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