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  5. "Is it from you?"

"Is it from you?"

Translation:Is het van jullie?

July 29, 2014



"Is het van jullie" Is'nt "is it yours"?


and how it sounds with informal singular you? "is het van je of is het van jou of is het jouw" or?? It shows only answers with U and Jullie ((


That would be 'is het van jou'. ('je' would be used as subject in a sentence, 'jouw' is the possessive pronoun).


I put "is het van je?… it was wrong, the correct one "is het van u? But in english "is it from you"?… is it a polite sentence?? Please!!


I've got the feeling that 'van' (and I assume other prepositions, as well) you can't use the short form a.k.a je, me, ze etc. So van should be one of the right answers.

However it seems like 'van jou' isn't accepted for some weird reason.

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