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"The children play there, next to the station."

Translation:De kinderen spelen daar, naast het station.

July 29, 2014


[deactivated user]

    How many times will Duolingo make wrong suggestions with het/de (the same in other languages)? What is the sense of dictionary hints, if they are completely wrong. It would be better to switch them off permanently


    FYI, we can't control what every single hint shows. "the" can mean either "de" or "het" depending on context. The system usually gets the article write if you only have either "de" or "het", but if both are in the sentence, as is the case here, then the system will show one of the articles as the top choice no matter what is correct.

    So, it's sometimes necessary to learn from trial and error. This is at least a good way of drilling the correct article usage.

    [deactivated user]

      Well, I understand your point, but being frustrated every time, when wrong hints make you make mistakes, is not helping you to learn. :)


      Sure, but again, we have no control over that whatsoever :)

      Maybe posting your complaint in the global discussion would make more sense :)


      Can you say 'bij het station'?


      Can't this be 'er' instead of 'daar'?


      No, because "there" is being stressed as a location that is some distance away.


      How can you tell that it is being stressed?


      Made small typo and lost a pount, frwn face

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