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I uploaded a document from wiki.es but it has not shown up.

I'm not sure I'm sure of the process of uploading documents to immersion correctly. First, I was trying to upload some of the articles from the veinte mundos website but don't really know if I can do that because of copywright issues. How do I find out if I can? I tried sending an e-mail to them and to the DuoLingo support team, but have not heard back from them. So then I tried uploading an article from the Spanish Wikipedia website, and it seemed to be accepted, but when I search for it, I cannot find it. Would someone knowledgeable with the process let me know how I can do these things? I really love the veinte mundos website because I can actually listen to the text spoken by a native speaker and it is really helping me learn the language. Also, the articles are very interesting and informative and offer encouragement to all who want to really learn the language (understanding, writing, and speaking it). Thanks!

July 29, 2014


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