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Three of my students have no activity report

in addition in my classroom overview they neither get xp nor does it show their last progress.

I want to show them appreciation and praise, but I am always reliant on their feedback and my trust in them.

Does anyone know why this is?

Being logged in with two devicees at once doesn't seem to be the reason.

May 29, 2020



When did they do the assignment? There is a little bit of a lag right now due to high volume use.

Second question: I had a student last year who claimed she was doing the work, but it showed nothing on my end. It turned out that she had made a new account when she forgot her password, and then didn't think to tell me or re-link to the classroom! Just a thought.

For some bizarre reason, my screen is showing that there are six comments on this thread, but they are all blank. So I don't know if you gave details below. I am going to switch to another computer to see if there are comments. If you haven't given any more details, is there anything else you can tell us about these three students, so that we can help you troubleshoot?


The other comments were deleted. They were an argument about the forum in which the question should be posted and didn't address OP's problem.


Thanks for your responses.

One of the students in questions' last day of work was in mid may (according to the activity report). And that's just not true. We already checked if the account is the same.

I didn't read all the nice comments about how this is the wrong forum, but I kinda agree. I posted it in "troubleshooting" first and was hoping for some help by duolingo employees but was told the people in this forum will probably know more. With a free app I guess help by the community is all you get.


Hmmm... Well, when in doubt, just have the student send you a screen shot of their graph on the right-hand side, or a screen shot of their colored-in circles. And take a deep breath and say to yourself that this is not the hardest issue we educators face right now. :) Sorry we aren't more helpful.


I will probably stick to this attitude ; )

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