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Dutch Immersion Empty?

I'm on the Immersion page for English to Dutch but there seems to be no articles, is it meant to be like that?


July 29, 2014



We don't actually have an Immersion section yet. I'm not sure how you're accessing it, but that's the reason it's empty.


Oh. That's strange, I changed from French to Dutch and the Immersion link was there.


It's a glitch the Duolingo team is trying to fix. Try refreshing your page one more time and the Immersion link will disappear (as KaiEngle said above, there isn't actually a Dutch-English Immersion section yet, though there seems to be when you switch from Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese to Dutch). Hopefully, when the course is stable, there will be a Dutch-English Immersion! :)

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