"Is toil le Marsaili e."

Translation:Marjory likes it.

May 29, 2020

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Marjorie likes him. Why is this not right?


Might be an oversight on the contributors’ part. Might be the course doesn’t allow the form Marjorie (it’s Marjory in the default answer). Certainly Marjory likes him should be accepted (if it’s not – report it using the Report button).

If the name Marjorie generally is accepted (I don’t know, never tried it) – then Marjorie likes him should be as well.


Why not Marjory likes him when the others have been about people?


As I wrote in another comment in this thread – it should be accepted. If it’s not, then it’s an oversight and is worth reporting using the flag/Report button under the exercise as a missing translation.

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