"I have to finish the meeting."

Translation:Je dois finir la réunion.

May 29, 2020

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What's the difference between "a besoin de" and "dois"?


To my understanding it is "(avoir) besoin de" is "to have need of" where as "(devoir)" is "to have to", or "to ought to". Im putting parenthesis on the verbs to indicate they should be conjugated appropriately.

So the difference is to need something (object) vs needing to do something (action)


Can't be because it gave me a question a moment ago using besoin for selecting meeting times. Duo is strict on the difference between have to/must (devoir) and need (besoin de) though and it caught me out on this exercise too. It would be nice to see a clarification of how the difference is perceived by a native French speaker ...


actually reading about the difference in English and it kind of makes sense. Funny what the brain does subconsciously with the language your native in isn't it !



Why can't you say J'ai finir instead of Je does finir. How do know when to use dois vs. ai


It would be J'ai besoin de finir, no?

Je dois finir ce projet J'ai besoin de finir ce projet


I wrotte " Je dois terminer cette réunion", but it was marked as wrong,I do not know why? Can someone help me to understand, why is it wrong?


cette means this. you should use "la" reunion


Why does it not say 'I must' not 'I have' would be much easier to use the correct verb meaning!

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