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What do you like best about Duolingo?

How has duolingo helped you learn a new language?

August 13, 2012



Having the daily tally of work done (points earned) has helped me keep focused and do daily exercises. It seems so trivial, but it is enough to make me guilty if I don't do at least 50 points each morning.

I am now able to read a news article in Spanish, and I understand most of what is being said, and that is an awesome feeling!


I like that it tracks the number of words in the "Vocabulary" button so that I can go back and practice the words I don't know really well yet.


It's really helped refresh me on Spanish. I haven't tried a totally new language yet, but I love how accomplished I feel after a lesson here. A lot more fun than a classroom.


The learning format works really well for me. I think it's all the typing, it helps drill it into my brain much more than just reading vocabulary. It also makes me feel like I'm actually doing something, as opposed to just studying, which is clutch. The UI is also fantastic. It's rich and lively and polished, but choicely sparse when you're studying so it doesn't get in the way of your focus. The pronunciation is also a cut above any other automated system i've heard. It's probably just personal preference, but I prefer the mechanical sounding voice to hearing a native speaker, because i find it's easier to adapt to my own way of speaking- I'm not subconsciously recalling all the dialectal variations and other nuances of some person's voice.


Duolingo just really fits for me. I like the lessons - English to Spanish, Spanish to English, and it is so wonderful working on the translations. I used to pick up a Spanish newspaper now and then, but it was discouraging to not understand 40 percent of an article or to have to look things up. Here you can just see what the words mean, and you have a good chance of getting it right the first time. THEN you can look at other people's translations and say OH YEAH, OK, THAT"S what that means. :-) I like the interaction with other learners very much too.


I'm thrilled that I'm learning to read in Spanish. I feel like a whole new world is opening up for me.

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