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  5. "Friday is a day of the week."

"Friday is a day of the week."

Translation:Sexta-feira é um dia da semana.

May 10, 2013



How about "sexta-feira é um dia do semana"? Can someone again explain for me the purposes and difference between "da", "do", "de"?

Is this correct?

"de" = of (not indicating feminine or masculine)

"da" = "de" + feminine

"do" = "de" + masculine


You're right. The point is that semana is a feminine word, so you use "a". Most of time, words ending in -a are feminine...


"A sexta-feira é um dia da semana." is not right? It's incorrect to use the definite article 'a'?


It is incorrect. For descriptive sentences, don't use the definite article.

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