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"He's thinking about playing with other musicians."

Translation:Il pense à jouer avec d'autres musiciens.

May 29, 2020



What is the d for?


Contraction of de.

Il pense à jouer avec des musiciens.
      des becomes de before an adjective.
      de becomes d' before a vowel.
     Il pense à jouer avec d'autres musiciens.


A helpful orientation to the section would have included this tip. Thanks for offering it.


thank you for the explanation. I struggle with the small words


Cool but can you use only white colour of words and you didn't explained why is there d at all.


I think that this d is supposed to mean nothing meaning plural a in English


Why a contraction? I thought that if there is a consonent (s for plural) between des and autres that no contraction is used?


Isn't it ok to use des autres versus d'autres?


this is the mental operation that i would go through:

playing with (SOME) other musicians:

that would be DES autres musicians, but when there is another adjective (in this case "autres") in front of the noun, DES drops the S and becomes DE.

That results in DE autres musiciens, but, since DE is directly followed by a vowel ("a" in autres) the E in DE is dropped, and the contraction is made with an apostrophe, thus creating D'autres.

The tricky part is remembering the "des" to "de" rule.


Is the word "à" really needed here? Once again, an exercise is graded wrong without providing an explanation as to why.


I am french and I wrote " il pense jouer avec..." Without the "à" , in France both are correct but it's wrong for Duo ???


Why not c'est (he is)?


Why is d’autres used when talking about plural other muscians

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