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Dutch Speaking Exercises

Hoi Team Dutch!

Is there any information regarding when/if speaking exercises will be added to the course?

Dank jullie wel!

July 29, 2014



Ah now that's not fair...
We can be slow at responding once in a while, can we not? D:
It's too warm outside...and inside...for working hard....
Oh well, at least that tumbleweed's quite pretty....

Alright, back on topic...
We have no information whatsoever, I'm afraid. ^^"

For as far as I'm aware, we will need some recognition software for such exercises to be enabled, and Duolingo has yet to find a fitting one. When we have some news, we'll post an update both here in the forum and on the incubator page. (;

We have not been informed about the possibility, or impossiblility, of including speech exercises in the future.


"We can be slow at responding once in a while, can we not? D: "

I won't hold it against you. ;)


In Lavinae's defence it has been too nice to be working round these parts, it's not often we get hot weather coming off the North Sea! ;P


Hey, thanks for the reply! I know you must have tonnes of stuff to be doing and the tumbleweed was just a grapje :)

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about this when there is an update.


You can improvise while waiting for the speaking exercises. I use google translate app and and use google voice recognition within the app..If it is able to recognise what i say and translate it prperly to english then i kow that my pronounciation is more or less correct.


Hello, are there any updates here?


Hi Team Duolingo, any updates for Dutch speaking exercises on the app? Please let us know, even if it's just to say that no, there aren't any updates

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