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"Acht Meter!"

Translation:Eight meters!

July 29, 2014



And what's so amazing about 8 meters, Duo?


Indeed, 6, 9 or 12 would do better ;-)

Ich bin 6 m gross und alles ist wichtig! Ich bin 9 m gross und alles ist mehr als wichtig! Ich bin 12 m gross und alles ist unvorstellbar!


So meter and meters in German is the same word?


singular: der Meter
plural: die Meter

Often, nouns that end in -er stay the same in plural and only change the article and/or get an Umlaut where possible.


Well, it's used in the singular here, in any case. When masculine or neutral nouns are used as measures, they stay singular, see point B.3, here.


Both the german and English use of 'meter' is confusing in this question and answer. In English 'Metre' is a distance and meter is an instrument. In german it appears 'gasmeter' is Durchflussmesser (so messer is perhaps =the English use of 'meter'). It seems the distance in the US is spelt normally 'meter'. Online dictionaries suggest 'metre' is the correct spelling for the distance in German.


"der Meter" is the distance in German. "metre" is not in use for any meaning. Instruments for measurement are commonly called "XYmesser" (XY standing for whatever is being measured, note the German prevalence for combined nouns), but it may also end in -meter, especially if the first part has Greek roots as well, like "das Barometer", "das Thermometer", "der Tachometer". But you would not call an instrument just "Meter" in German.


In English (acht Meter) is 'eight metres'.


DL keeps suggesting my exact answer as "another correct solution".


Eight meter! should be fine as well..


That's not correct English grammar. "Meter" is only used with "one" (one meter), and plural "meters" is used with all other numbers. Hope this helps! :)


Agreed...usually. An exception would be an eight metre high wall (rather than eight metres high...).

btw the correct spelling is "metre"--"meter" is a USA specific spelling.


Oh well, I was assuming that it would just be "Eight Meters" only in the sentence, rather than using it as an adjective. Thanks so much!

And also, about the spelling of 'meter', thanks, I was taught that 'metre' was just a British spelling. :)


2 translations before this one, I typed "Acht Zähler", then on this one it says the correct translation is "Acht Meter"...is this a mistake, or is it one of those things where it changes depending on gender, plural, etc?


No, "acht Zähler" is simply wrong.


I had a feeling it was. Danke ☺


Actually, 'Zähler' is not wrong for 'meter', it merely depends on context. The German 'Meter' can mean either 'counter' (as in measuring equipment, not the bar) or 'meter/metre' (as in distance).


☺ Oh, ok. Thank you! ☺

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