"Pauline reads all the articles on this fashion blog."

Translation:Pauline lit tous les articles de ce blog de mode.

May 30, 2020

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Seing the English word "on", I wrote: "Pauline lit tous les articles sur ce blog de mode." It was marked wrong. Any reason ?


Prepositions are a stumbling block in all translation. This is just another example. You may think of articles being "on" blogs, but that doesn't mean the French do... Taken objectively, "in," would be equally valid, as would "at" or even "with."

I always remind myself that French people never go out in the rain... intead they go out under it... and, logically, you can't say they are "wrong" about that, can you? :-)


Accepted now (jan 2021). My guess is that, just as in English you could use either on or of, in French you could use sur or de.


I am very confused by the use of "de ce blog", to me that means all the articles of the blog, those belonging to the blog. I just don't get why the translation would be "on the blog", the articles that are posted on there. Does anyone know?


Yes, it is confusing because the two sentences don't back-translate, i.e. the English "on" does not directly translate to the French "de". I think Duo was simply trying to use commonly-used English and came up with "on this blog" as a translation forgetting it doesn't back-translate, hence both of our confusion.
To be clear, students are asked to translate from English to French here, but it is likely that there are other exercises that ask students to translate the French sentence into English. For this reason, Duo tries to make its sentences back-translate.
IMHO, Duo could have avoided this confusion if it had done one of two things : 1.) Keep the French as written and use the slightly awkward English expression "of this blog" because that would have led students directly to the translation Duo was apparently looking for and it would have back-translated.
2. Change the French sentence to "sur ce blog" and keep the English translation as "on this blog". There are lots of examples of literature that uses "sur ce blog" on Linguee.fr so while I basically agree with effyleven's comments above, I doubt there is anything wrong with "sur ce blog" AND it back-translates perfectly, i.e. without awkwardness in either language - not always a given. This seems the better option to me. Native speakers, please comment.
I notice that both translations are now accepted, but I still think it would eliminate any further confusion if Duo did one of the two things I mentioned. Hope that helps.

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