"Tha staidhre ann."

Translation:There is a staircase.

May 30, 2020

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Pointing to "staidhre" gives a pronunciation like "stayhruh" but the whole sentnece contains a pronunciation which sounds like "stayduh" to my ears. I find that there are often several different pronunciations of the same Gaelic word .


Whereas the one I heard to transcribe had stayruh for the stair but amn for the ann


I think that's because the "r" here is palatalized, meaning it can sound really close to a "tap d". I've also heard that there are many different dialects of Scottish Gaelic, so that means that the pronunciation can differ a bit depending on where the speaker is from.


I often hear a voiced sound like "th" in English "the" in many of the Gaelic words with either "r" or "dh" or "gh" in them , but as far as I am aware this phoneme does not exist in Scots Gaelic

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