"Your husband is leaving."

Translation:Tha an duine agad a' falbh.

May 30, 2020

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I kinda wish there was a way to set the tree to be harder...what I mean is typos. Some types of typos are really just wrong answers.

It is like if i type "duine" here it is accepted, but really it should be "dhuine". For me repeating a question over and over because I have a typo makes it stick in my brain.

Any chance the tree could be made to not accept typos of any kind? Maybe after you have completed the tree; it could unlock hard mode. Forcing you to spell all words correctly, use proper punctuation, accents and even capitalization.

Thanks for all your help to the GhĂ idhlig Team!!!


I agree with this post


why is the 'an' needed in 'an duine agad'?


From the notes section: an duine - the man agam - at me an duine agam - my husband

The word duine doesn't really mean husband until it is combined with aig to show possession.


got it, thank you!


When do we use a' falbh vs a' fagail?

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