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  5. "De mannen lezen."

"De mannen lezen."

Translation:The men read.

July 29, 2014



So if plural: De mannen lezen. If single: De man leest.

Is this correct?


Whag is the diference betwen DE and HET


there are no rules, you just have to learn which word uses which one. the only rule is all plurals use de for example het meisje: the girl de meisjes: the girls

examples of words that use de: vrouw (woman) ~ appel (apple) ~ melk (milk)

words that use het: meisje (girl) ~ kind (child) ~ sap (juice)


is lezen also past tense? like would you use it to say "i have read that book (in the past)"?

as someone who's only started a couple days ago (and so not good) would "Ik lezen Harry Potter" be a decent translation to "I read Harry Potter" or am i missing something


The paste tense of 'lezen' is 'lazen' (1st person plural). The correct translation of "I read Harry Potter" is "ik lees Harry Potter" ('ik' is 1st person singular, so the verb is also 1st person singular).


Müsste dann heißen "The man "reads", oder?


Nein, weil 'de mannen' plural ist. Also, 'the men read'.


Im confused should it be the men are reading instead of read


I had to say De mannen lezen, but i said "de mannen slappen" on purpose and the system counted it as being correct. You try it to see if it also happens.


Die Männer lesen

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