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I can't believe I made it!

Well this is it I finished my Spanish tree! I have been doing Duolingo off and on for a few months now but never with the intensity that I have for the last couple of weeks. The reason being, I was offered an incredible opportunity to do an internship here in Mexico!

I have studied Spanish for a couple of years but never really got too much out of classes, it was all grammar and articles and blah blah blah... But coming here to Mexico has improved my Spanish so much because I have been doing Duolingo almost everyday and it serves as a base for my conversations in everyday life. I found myself actually using the words they taught and understanding up to probably 75% of what people say, and trust me native Mexicans talk FAST. Anyway, my point is Duolingo has done wonders for my word recognition and I plan to keep on using it to practice Spanish and learn more languages.

July 29, 2014



Congratulations for sticking with it. I agree with your appreciation of DuoLingo. I had actually paid for on-line courses at another site and have almost completely abandoned those since I joined DuoLingo after being told about the site by a friend.


Yeah it really is incredible how much it can help, and how often you find yourself on here.




Muchas Gracias!


coraje para la continuaciĆ³n !


Congratz! Glad to hear it! ^^

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