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"The animal"

Translation:Het dier

July 29, 2014



What is difference between het and de?


"de" is used for masculine and feminine nouns, "het" is used for neuter nouns. See here for more info on the Dutch articles.

Here is a list of all the grammar explanations that have been posted so far, for future reference.


simius your links do not work. thanks


Het Dier ( The Animal )

Het ( The - Neuter Definite Article Determiner ) • 't usual speech contraction • From Middle Dutch - Dat • same as the neuter pronoun Het

Dier • From Middle Dutch - Dier • from Old Dutch - Dier • from Proto-West Germanic - Deuʀ • from Proto-Germanic - Deuzą • from Proto-Indo-European - Dʰewsóm

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