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  5. Finished my French tree!!!


Finished my French tree!!!

After nearly 11 months I finished my tree and it's golden from top to bottom. Since my aim was to finish it in less than a year and I started on 31th of August last year, I even was a bit faster than I hoped for :-D

July 29, 2014



I think it will be several years before I finish any trees. I started Italian last October, the others in November, 2013, and Dutch for English speakers as soon as it was in beta. I do a lot of "strengthen skills" till I feel like I know it well enough to do a new lesson.


Wow, tant des arbres ! (。・ᴗ・。)ノ♡ You go, girl.


do you know some chat where can I talk to someone on french?


Wow. A true polyglot here. I envy you because I feel I can only take on one language at a time.


Awesome job, congratulations! :) Join AlexisLinguist's Owl Hall of Fame for those who have completed a tree:


Keep up the good work! :D


Yay! Now will you finish mine?!


Bravo! Vous etes une source d'inspiration. Continuez le bon travail -.^


Merci! Je suis certain que tu vas finir ton arbre plutot aussi.


Congratulations! :) After over 2 years I still have 9 sections to begin. I'm struggling to keep what I've done all golden and make progress at the same time. But without keeping my tree gold I know I would forget most of it within a few months. At this rate I hope to keep golden and complete the tree by Christmas.


Yeah! I've just finished mine too! I was hoping for some sort of banner or fanfare, instead all I Got was a message saying I needed 8 more points to reach today's goal - very disappointing.i think it's taken me about nine months to get there. Just got to work on getting everything golden now and complete the tree of another language. Congratulations to us both.


Bravo à vous également! Ce serait bien si DuoLingo remettait un certificat lorsque notre arbre est terminé!


Quelle bonne idée!




Congrats! Continue your journey to fluency




Congratulations man! I've only been taking French for two years and have managed to become near fluent, but the key was taking it outside the classroom. I learned the sae grammar a french learner would've learned hear but I applied it, this is what set me apart. My suggestions: 1. watch and read french newscasts 2. Listen to French Music, Edith Piaf, Carla Bruni and Celine Dion are great because they are clear and pronounce their words thoroughly 3. Watch Disney movies, and listen to Disney songs in French, without the subtitles! You know how they go already and whatever you don't understand you'll understand through context. All Disney content is originaly in English and French 4. If you want to achieve fluency, you'll need to read the literature of the language. Begin with a small work like "Le Petit Prince", then move to the higher things like "La nuit", "Les Mis", "Candide" Bonne chance mon ami! Bienvenue au monde Francophone!


merci beaucoup pour vos conseils.


Thank you for the tips on learning French. I will use them.


Merci! Thanks for your consultings


De rien mes amis. Appellez-moi si vous avez une question.


Great advice! Je voudrais lire Le Petit Prince...

Jacques Brel is another French singer (alright, he's actually Belgian) who has very clear pronunciation.


Très bon travail !!! 1 lingot pour vous!


Merci beaucoup :-)

[deactivated user]



    congratulations !!!


    I just finished mine today as well! I hope they expand on the trees in the future, because I know I still have so much to learn to be even conversational.. but it's definitely a start! Congrats to us both!


    Put me in the club as well, just finished a few minuets ago. It took 13 months.

    High fives all around.




    Yeah, congratulations to you, too. I'd also like a few more bonus lessons about funny things like jokes or swearwords (I know Duolingo doesn't want it but I'd enjoy it) but I think for becoming conversational other sources are needed, especially communication with real French-speaking people. And well, on Duolingo there's also more to learn - I did a progress test after finishing the tree and scored 2.98, so there's room for improvement.


    so was it worth it? has your french become good enough to understand and communicate with others?


    Yes, I think it was worth it. I can read French posts on Facebook now if that counts as communication. The real life test is still waiting for me and I think if I tried to speak French I would make a compete idiot of myself but with a very patient conversation partner I think we'd get along somehow. (I hope I get a chance to try it soon ;-) )


    Never feel like an idiot when speaking a new language. People you speak to will either understand what you said, correct you, or ask you to clarify. If the first, then you're probably doing a good job, if the second then you're learning something new, and if the third, then you're both learning something new and also getting to practice a different way to say the same thing.


    Check out SharedTalk and Livemocha. Generally there are people ALL OVER shared talk that want to voice chat so you can help each other in your native languages :) Congrats!! I finished my tree, too, some time ago... I just went back through a second time to turn them all gold! Great work!


    Congrats to you =)


    Yay! I was aiming to do it in 3 months, so reading this is loosening my personal expectations... Well done!


    Thank you! Yes, in the beginning I also thought I'd be much faster but progress rate is slowing down as you move on as there's more and more to repeat instead of doing new lessons. Also the lessons become more difficult. In the beginning I passed each new lesson on the first try because there wasn't much grammar and I was able to peak the vocabulary. But then grammar and idiomatic expressions come and I had to guess and fail much more. The one-year-aim appeared to me when I was quite far down the tree and had realistic expectations about the remaining lessons.


    How many daily point did you have it set to? What was your longest streak?


    Grats! What was your strategy? Any motivational hints? What was your average xp per day?


    Are you now able to pass "strengthen skills" without any mistake? *)


    I didn't have a real stratagy except the one Duo gave me: Keep the skills golden and if they are go further. My average xp per day - that's a difficult question. There were days when I gained over 100 points in a day especially in the beginning when the lessons were easy and I was very motivated and then again when the German->French tree came out and I tested out of a lot of skills in this tree and thus gained a lot of xp by answering just a few questions. But there were also many days where I just did one timed practice to keep my streak (and as you can see in my quite short streak also days where I didn't do anything at all). And no, I'm not able to pass the "strengthen skills" without any mistake - I even don't always pass it at all ;-)


    Gongratulations!!!! I hope I will manage it too some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you! I'm sure you'll manage it sooner than you think.


    Congrats, SOS_90. I'm fairly new here, so excuse my question, but what is a French tree? I'm not on the full web-site very often. I mainly use the Duolingo App on my Iphone for French lessons.


    The string of lesson boxes is your tree.


    Yeah, there are so skills that are called for example "Basics 1" or "Food" or "Animals". All those shills together are called the skill tree (I think in the beginning it was visualised as a tree and though it isn't any more the users kept the name). You go through them and make them colored. And when you did all those skills you've finished the tree of this language.






    Try Bien Dit! French 3 - basically everything Duolingo didn't teach you. Plus some review.


    amazing i wish to do that one day


    Omg, that's awesome! Congratulations. Maybe one day I can say the same.

    [deactivated user]

      So, do you speak french well?


      Gradulations! What an accomplishment! Now, how do you feel about your french, are you confident at it?


      great job! i'm new here... started today... do you fill you are able to speak french now? is this site worth it? thanks!


      this site is great. A little difficult, I think, if you have no basis in a language you are starting. otherwise, it's very helpful.


      Yes, this site is definitely worth it. One year ago I had no basis in French at all. Now I can understand most Facebook posts that are written in French and also other written things. When listening to French people I understand a word here and there but the speed makes it still impossible to really understand them. I've never tried speaking but guess I'd make a complete idiot of myself though if my conversation partner was very patient we might get along somehow.


      Well I'm only on day five, so it might take a while. Speaking won't be such an issue, I'm told, because the listener will work out what you're saying, as they already speak the language. If you think about the times you've heard people with a different language background speak English, you'll probably remember that you pretty much understood even the worst of them. The fishes is swim! And I'm sure you can do at least as well as that, in French!!! Très bien!


      Hey guys! that sounds great! I can't wait to finish my french tree.. I didn't understand one thing you said about a partner to speak with? what did you mean? I can "hook up" with a french speaker/learner and speak with him?? it's great! where can i do so? thanks




      Félicitations, c'est fini! Et maintenant?


      cool i live in geneva and learn french in school its hard but fun duolingo really works


      AWESOME! My goal is to complete the tree. Good Work!!


      Congratulations !


      Wow, well done. I'm from Canada, so I know lot's of French already


      Félicitations à vous pour compléter le French tree.


      Bravo! C'est une grande réussite! J'espère terminer mon arbre en espagnol en moins d'un an également! Encore bravo!


      Felicitacions!! Bon travail:)


      Congratulations. Bonne voyage


      Congratulations à toi, j'espere d'arriver moi meme à la fin de Duo arbre pour la fin de cette année. Bo n continuacion.



      i would like to improve my english i am french i can help you for your french


      Thanks for your suggestion but English is not my native language so I am afraid I couldn't help you much with it. If you decide to learn German one day - well, then I'd be happy to help you.

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