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"Zij vraagt de man wat voor hond hij heeft."

Translation:She asks the man what kind of dog he has.

July 29, 2014



Would "Zij vraagt de man wat vor een hond hij heeft" also be a proper sentence?

August 27, 2014


Except for "vor" instead of "voor", it is an excellent sentence. Both wat voor and wat voor een are used, there is no difference. In spoken Dutch it is pronounced as voorn (IPA: /vɔɹn/).

July 4, 2015


Is there a difference between vraagt and stelt?

July 3, 2018


How would you say: what breed of dog. because thats what i put.

March 30, 2015


welk ras

January 1, 2017


How the heck can voor be both "for" and "kind of"

December 31, 2016


Words can have multiple definitions depending on context.

January 1, 2017


It can also be 'before'

June 22, 2017


The answer Duolingo gave me was "She asks the man what type of dog he's" No one would say "he's" in that context. It would be "he is" or, more likely "it is"

October 22, 2016


I wrote 'She asks the man what kind of dog he's got', and it was also corrected into '... what kind of dog he's'. I think it should be '... what kind of dog he has'.

December 30, 2017


"she asks the man what kind of dog does he have"

Isn't that also correct?

July 29, 2014


First that sentence would need to be - She asks the man, "what kind of dog does he have?" - but then that would mean she is asking the man about another man's dog, so it has a different meaning.

August 25, 2014


What is the point of "voor"?

November 23, 2014


what = wat, what kind of = wat voor

I can't help you more than that, I can't find any information to decompose "wat voor" into its parts.

November 29, 2014


Thank you, it's clearer now

December 2, 2014


Zij vraagt de man wat voor hond heeft hij. Is it correct?

September 14, 2015


Is "wat voor hond hij heeft" a subordinate clause? Is that why heeft is at the end?

July 4, 2017


Yes, in a subordinate clause the verb or group of verbs is at the end. http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.55

December 30, 2017


Can one use welke instead of wat voor in this sentence?

March 2, 2019


What type of dog or what sort of dog, or what breed of dog....all much the same inquiry to elicit the same answer.

September 3, 2019
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