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  5. "Nach eil flat aca?"

"Nach eil flat aca?"

Translation:Don't they have a flat?

May 31, 2020



Stop telling me i wrote in english when i wrote in gealic their is a fault in this app .


The question is asking you to write in English here :)


Wont accept the correct answer.


You're going to have to submit a report if that happens, otherwise we can't tell what's gone wrong. If it is a case of the right answer not being accepted, then you'll have to submit a bug report to Duolingo (preferably with screenshots). :)



What is a flat? I dont know Brittish English. In American English a flat is either a tire that the air has leaked out of, or a flat of flowers. https://images.app.goo.gl/AKFuq9F7V3s3chcH6 If I were to ask for a flat my family would bring me a flat of vegtable plants or flowers like in that Google image.


I'd recognize an apartment flat before tray of plants flat any day, and I was raised speaking the Constitution's English, not that of the Queen.

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