"Am bu toil leibh deoch, a chàirdean?"

Translation:Would you like a drink, friends?

May 31, 2020

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Am I the only person who didn't know until now that if you hover your cursor over an individual word in a sentence you are asked to translate, the translation pops up? (I discovered this on - yes I am embarrassed - Day 46 of enjoying Duolingo!) I hope you all found this out much earlier but posting just in case it helps anyone ...


I've seen it mentioned from time to time, so no, you're not the only one that didn't notice it from the beginning. Not knowing this feature makes learning Gaelic (or any other language) so much harder than it has to be though, so kudos for plugging along anyway.

It's just hints for the translation, so in most cases you still need to think carefully which word(s) (and word order) you need to use for that particular sentence.


Tapadh leat a charaid

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