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"Upon waking up, she was already in a bad mood."

Translation:En se réveillant, elle était déjà de mauvaise humeur.

May 31, 2020



I got it correct, because I memorized it, but is there a reason the "une" for "a" is dropped? It seems like it should be "d'une mauvaise humeur", but it's "de mauvaise humeur". Is there a rule here that I need to understand better? Thank you!


Why is it 'mauvaise humeur' and not 'humeur mauvaise'? And why isn't it 'humeure'? Can anyone explain please?


This is only a guess...but the 'BAGS' rule...G would stand for Goodness in this case...please check it. I hope it helps.


Some adjectives are placed before the noun they describe.
Humeure is not the correct spelling, there is no particular reason, that's the way it is.

Link : Position of adjectives in French grammar on lingolia.
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