"I am going to do my homework tonight."

Translation:Je vais faire mes devoirs ce soir.

May 31, 2020

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Pls why is it mes devoirs? I though its just a home work? Someone pls help me


HINT: Devoirs (homework) is always plural in French.


We use the plural in french.


You consistently interchange without reason "soir"(evening) and "nuit"(night). Then, you don't accept an answer randomly.


Possibly there is another mistake in your answer besides "soir" ou "nuit"? Don't get mad about being wrong anyway, we must learn from our mistakes; carefully compare what you wrote to the correct answer given. Also having been at this for 5 years now, I wouldn't say that 'soir' et 'nuit' are ''consistently interchange[ed]'', it's always specific to the scenario. Remember, the two terms, in both English and French, are close in meaning; so perhaps there is a misconception of which one Duo is using in that sentence. Be carful about things like that, they get all of us from time to time.


My answer is: "Je vais faire mes devoirs cette nuite" The correct one is: "Je vais faire mes devoirs ce soir" I don't see additional mistakes and I believe my answer should be accepted.


Ce soir is used consistently in the sense of this evening or tonight. Cette nuit is "this (or that) night".


I wasn't angry. I am fully aware that one learns through making mistakes. I am enjoying the Duolingo experience greatly.


I wonder why "Je vais faire mes devoirs cette nuit" was rejected on 3rd November 2020?


As far as I know the use for "ce soir" for "tonight" is consistent and if you think about it, without further context you'd assume that the speaker is going to do their homework in the evening and not in the middle of the night, so "ce soir" might actually bring that meaning across more clearly.


How about if it's singular?

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