"Ann an Inbhir Àir."

Translation:In Ayr.

May 31, 2020

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I think it means mouth of a rive/delta? Maybe someone could comment. But my brain made some links Inverclyde, Inverness...Ayr seems to have lost the connection with its river in English. My comment was going to be how I hear a D sound ...inbhir dair. Ears not much use though.


So, wait, Inbhir Nis = Inverness...does this mean that Ayr=Inbhir Àir...in translation it would be InverAyr in your head?

Does the Inbhir mean something I missed? Or is it as I think and just the way it is and one of those weird things that don’t strictly translate in the way you’d think?


I belive the modern name Ayr is a shortened version of the original name, Inbhir Àir (lit: Mouth of the River Ayr).

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