Almuerzo y desayuno

What is the difference between "almuerzo" and "desayuno"?

5 years ago


'Almuerzo' means lunch and 'desayuno' is breakfast in Spanish :)

5 years ago
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5 years ago

Oh no, I think I know. I've been calling "lunch" breakfast for a while I guess. Oops!

5 years ago

Well, Almuerzo is loosely used.

Normally it's a meal between and including breakfast and lunch. The idea is more of a "mid morning" and, to some extent could be a Spanish word for brunch.

Mostly people use it depending on when they had their breakfast and when they will have lunch. In Spain is fairly common to have lunch very late (1500 or later), so some bite is needed in between and some people uses Almuerzo for this only.

5 years ago
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