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How I almost wasted time on Duolingo

When I first started on Duolingo, I discovered leagues, and I was super competitive

At first, it was fun and easy because I could do a couple of lessons at get to #1.

But when I got to sapphire, I got super paranoid about losing, and I was grinding stories and lessons without really learning by looking at all the English meanings.

At that point, I realized that I hadn't really learned anything but learned how to grind XP

I understand that some people need this motivation to come back everyday, but for me, it was a bit too much!

I hope this can maybe remind some people who are just grinding that you are here to learn a new language!

Still, I'm really glad that I quit leagues because I'm learning much better now!

EDIT: Wow thank you so much for all the lingots and upvotes! I didn't know so many other people also had this problem!

May 31, 2020



I'm OK with you, it's much better not to bother about leagues, and I come back everyday to learn. 500 days today !


Yes, it is coming back consistently that seems to help the most with learning -- not the amount of XP earned quickly, so congratulations, Selene, on 500 Days of Duolingo!


congratulation for your 1500 streak


Thank you, Bossgard3! Happy 55 Days of Duolingo today!


The streaks definitely help with motivation for me!!!


It is impressive! I think persistence brings more language knowledge than everything else. Do you learn all 5 language at the same time or in groups of 2,3, .. ?


I guess I am lucky one because I have never been interested in the leagues or any competition. But I am really obsessed with French and my progress...


I'm new to French and so obsessed and excited right now!!!


You inspire me! Thank you !


I'm french and happy to learn english...


Likewise, I don't care about leagues anymore. Spamming stories is pointless and quite a sad use of your time.

We should still be able to follow / be followed without having to participate in leagues though.


Good point. I wish the two things were separate.


I find the stories helpful!


Me too, I haven't said the contrary: they're funny and complement the course well. I'm just saying that overusing them to get as much XPs as possible - which is often the explanation why some people reach thousands of XPs in a day - is counterproductive. Now say that people play it fair, adding mostly 10 to 15XPs at a time, then reaching thousands of XPs in a day implies that you've spent most of it on Duolingo - which is actually a bit sad and doesn't leave room for other tools.


Stories are my favourite. I like repeating the lines. I treat them like a script I am learning. I find they advance my understanding further and faster than the lessons.


I like the stories, too. I discovered by accident that if you repeat them enough (on the same platform), part of each story - probably the lines spoken by one character - becomes audio only, although there is an option to toggle to the written text of a particular bit of the dialog if you need to see it. It's a great way to practice comprehension of speech. And the stories seem to me to be well pronounced (but not overarticulated) and to use much more idiomatic French than the exercises do. That is the opinion of a learner, decidedly not a native speaker of French!


I just left the league, was in Diamond for a while and had to be working so hard to stay there, there is no league after Diamond so it is either you stay there and be pressured or quit and work at your own pace. I feel free!


Just want to ask you how can I quit the diamond league when I reach it..


So, being truthful, I'm ranked highly in my league right now. But I agree. Right now, I just have a break and can actually spend time learning and not "grinding," but mostly I see the leagues as counter productive.


i just dropped out of diamond league and now i am at obsidian league but i was sad in the beginning but by reading these comments i fell happy because i don't want to have the pressure of keeping on competing with the sweats in the league :) !


Nice observation. I enjoy the stories the most, so I use them as an incentive. When I get to level 5 in a lesson, then I reward myself with doing a story.


That's a great way to use the stories to your advantage!

[deactivated user]

    I hide all the unnecessary boxes on the screen with adblock-plus that helps me focus and not click on something just because it's there.

    I ignore the leagues this way too. They are meaningless. The people in a league aren't even learning the same language.

    And there is a lot of cheating: here is how they do it.


    I feel your pain, and I'm guilty of the same things, and like you, I have moved back from the edge, and I focus much more on learning rather than advancing. We all need encouraging I think, it's good to hear that I'm not alone, Thank you for sharing, and Bonn Chance mon ami.


    I won the diamond league yesterday 115 days after starting Duolingo. I had around 6500 and the person in second had around 5000. In no way did I cheat, though I did get a decent amount of those points from Spanish stories, I also got a lot from Japanese, which requires pretty serious attention. While I live in Spain, I learnt Spanish as an adult, so think that is fair game and I certainly learnt some words. I was on holiday last Monday, and by midday, the highest score was 400, so I went for it, and finished the day on almost 2000. The person in 2nd, was Chinese learning Japanese, so every morning I would wake up to find them catching me, only for me to pull away again in the evening. I didn't really enjoy it, it was kind of exhausting, but having been in the lead from day one, I was determined not to lose it. I think the leagues have their place and I'm glad I'm not obsessive or competitive enough to try and win the damn thing twice. Generally, I try and take my time, and, especially with Japanese, I practice writing the kanji in a different app. Last week I was still learning, but, it was a bit intense, and not entirely enjoyable. Now I am setting myself different targets such as passing JLPT 4 by next summer -- which for a 54 year old, living in Spain, and working in English, is quite a target.


    Your story actually illustrates one of the issues. When you are new to duolingo, it is easier to rack up a high xp, because the lessons are shorter and easier to finish quickly. Those who are veterans when this system started, who are in the more challenging parts of the tree, need to spend more time just to get 10 xp.


    (Re:leagues;John-Barcelona) I am pleased to see someone else doing the Spanish-Japanese combo. I know nothing about leagues, have never seen any mention of them, and so all this current conversation is neutral interest. I suppose, if it’s about ‘points make prizes’ I could log onto previously- learned - in school French, German and Latin, add to my played-at-for -20 -years Spanish and rack up 1,000s of points, even crack in a few of the early lessons in other languages... but cheating oneself is no incentive, despite apparent ‘glory’ : my small collection of football medals is kept where most players keep them: gather dust in a drawer.. Reached Kanji only last week, very interesting, but I write it on paper , and shall have to buscar an app on my phone?


    The problem with leagues is, you think you will win but, you only get paranoid. Its good to stay casual because of two things, one is that it will get to your head, and two is it will make you stress. So you made a good choice to quit leagues. Thank you for all of us here. Also, I gave you 4 lingots.


    I was on the point of giving up learning as felt that leagues were too competative, have now disabled leagues will carry one learning now thanks so much.


    I have the same story... glad to hear that someone else had the same problem

    [deactivated user]

      Me too. No leagues for me! :)


      I was the same way when i first started.. I never got to #1 but i would come up to #2 or 3 and every time somebody was trying to get ahead of me.. i would work harder.. There was one night i stayed on from around noon until 10 or 11 at night trying to beat this guy. I didn't even eat. I get very competitive and sometimes i dont even realize it.


      Haha yeah I got a similar experience. I was like 1000XP ahead of the 2nd one and I went to sleep (10pm Sunday) thinking "Well, this guy can't beat me unless s/he work till midnight" and that's what s/he did! Net morning I woke up and see that I was 2nd with like 200XP less than 1st...


      Haven’t found ‘Leagues’ yet on Duolingo. If leagues motivate people, that can’t be bad; I’ll be happy when Liverpool win the Premier League; I am motivated to do a workout every day during ‘Covid Lockdown ‘ because my over60s football team needs only two more wins to clinch the Welsh Veterans League. My motivation for language- learning has been inside me for a very long time. I might have been ‘top boy’ for French at 14, but It wasn’t a competition. Duolingo for me is me against myself. For some other people, competition can spur one on...


      I can relate to this, but I think the people behind the app are also culpable. They use gamification techniques to keep us using it. They are constantly changing aspects of it to adjust the game and way XP are earned. If only they would put as much effort into the quality of the lessons. I find myself aggravated by the experience, often, because the app itself keeps getting out in front of the language learning. I do also find it helpful for learning the language, but in spite of itself. It certainly is not "fun" as it claims it aims to be.


      Completely agree.


      yeah man you are right. im turkish and native in english but when i realized i started english - turkish course just because for earning xp


      I also left them and now I learn without pressure


      Agree!! Too much time in the competitive league, and did the lessons / stories that helped me to get to top as fast as possible. Now I've earned the legendary, and I only do what I want, when I want.


      I got the legendary badge yesterday with 6500 points. I was kind of exhausting. Thankfully, I'm not competitive or ridiculous enough to want to get it again. I've been enjoying taking my time with Japanese this morning rather than grinding xp. I think staying in the diamond league is motivation enough, now, and from what I've seen, you don't have to devote most of your non-work time for that (500 seems to be enough) as I did last week.


      That's probably what I'll do. I'm competitive, but not competitive enough to do it twice.


      Same with me. The leagues make me want to do more to beat other players. Do it for the fun of it. Not Happy.


      I recommand Mango Language Learning to learn French also! You do have to pay, UNLESS your local library has a partnership with it, in which case you can plug in a library card number (the same can be used multiple times over) and have your account free, unless your library cuts off the partnership. I highly recommand it and for me, I learn better through there and there's no leagues or any competition at all. Posts also destract me from learning, so it's helpful for me that Mango doesn't have that. Lingots, XP, crowns, shops....all this is not on Mango. Highly recommanded :) I'm so glad you had the strength to quit! It took me a while :/


      "Posts also destract me from learning," Eh? Forum posts don't appear at all on the (Android) app. Do they appear on the web version?


      Interesting. For me, leagues is so fun and motivates me to learn. You do have to be smart about pacing yourself so you don't get pressured about falling behind and focusing on just XP. I also pair it with a journal where I write down what's new to me or what I keep getting wrong.

      But yeah everyone's got different ways to learn :)


      I think that if you use the leagues like motivation is a good thing, but if you just think in being in top is a bad thing . I am learning french and spain and I use leagues to motivate me in making Duo every day .

      Hope you learn how to use leagues the best way for you.


      Same, now I just ignore the leagues and don't do as many stories anymore


      Since you arrive at the final league there is no motivation to stay more in. So I quit to keep my trophy. So leagues is a past for me. I am learning alone, nobody knows it except for Duome and I think it's not so good for social learning. Learning together is a motivation, but not anymore for me. Pity!


      I am following your XP progress, Stergi3! And your comments. And you have all of us here cheering you on. You aren't alone at all!


      I used to be exactly like that. i would work HOURS to get to the top and not learn a single word... After a while i realized that there was no point in the Leagues. I still keep them and they are fun to look at and see other players and make friends but i don't really care about my position


      Hey how can I join a league?


      @DrVictoire116, Okay. Do more lessons and you are automatically entered into the leaderboard. Make sure you focus on your learning.


      dude the point of this is to NOT obbses over leagues so rude


      Guys, once you're in the diamond league you can easily do 100 XP a day and not be ranked down

      [deactivated user]

        I agree 100%. It is still helping me motivated, but I recently realized some people only gather points and they are not gaining any crowns... I was wondering how that is possible, but then I guessed that they are just doing a lower level practices and that is why they are not gaining any crowns. ? And after I realized it, there is no more reason to try to compete with them. I am still participated in the league, but I am ignoring it most of the time now. I love learning multiple languages including English, I take notes and study really hard whenever I can. I love Duolingo! <3


        They are probably just doing stories. You get a lot of points, but you don't do any lessons. Don't get me wrong -- the stories can be helpful, and I use them for fun and to practice. I recommend them completely. But you're not going to learn if that's all you do. I feel sorry for the people who just do those to get points and don't get crowns. They won't get anything from this program, so why even do it? What a waste of time.

        [deactivated user]

          I completely agree. I was wondering why they don't gain any crowns and have so many points. I guess they are just using Duolingo like a game and not to learn. I agree with you, it is completely a waste of time.


          I am happy reading your comment. I left leagues too - because this has no connections with learning.


          I worked with a lawyer for years, and at every meeting she would say “In my opinion” before shes said most things. This clarified her statement and prevented responses like a few that you received, Katy. I agree, in my opinion, for me, the leagues have no connection with learning.


          Kati - I think you should read the part of his post where he states that some people need/use it for motivation. Because there is no one-size-fits-all here. Everyone learns differently. Streaks work for some, not others; leagues work for some, not others. I think it is rude, and incorrect, to say that leagues have 'no connection for learning. For you, they don't, which is fine, for others, they do, which is also fine. Kindly don't put them down, just because they're different than you.


          Yeah, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in learninge processes. Leagues and Streak definetely have a huge part on my motivation to learn german. Leagues motivate me to learn a bit more than 1 lesson per day, as I see other people with 1000+XP, not on a competitive mindset, but it gets me thinking "hey, I can do a bit more, 5 or 10 minutes more". Streaks motivate me to get consistent. Before I started paying attention to streaks, I would study german for 30min on a saturday, then spend at least 7 or 10 days without praticing and logging in here. Learning a language requires consistency and constant praticing, and that's what these two tools are about, in my opinion.


          By the way, congratulations on you 405 day streak! I wish I'll get there one day :)


          It was first a motivation for me too!(btw I’m a she


          Congratulations for coming out on Duo!


          its not rude she is just sharing her opinion


          True. I'm competitive, so leagues help me to some extent with motivation. They did so more when I was in the lower level ones.


          Good for you. It looks like it belongs in the general duolingo forum though.


          Ah, so that's what they do to get so many points! The leagues are a good motivator for sure and they make me come back especially when I get that notification saying i've dropped out of the top 10 (!), but having to grind on a language learning resource is definitely not the best way to learn.


          I was thinking about this a few weeks ago (and not caring too deeply - I rarely visit the fora) when I encountered some people complaining bitterly about the higher ends of the leagues being populated with people "grinding" on lessons and by implication not actually learning the language in question. (The term used there was "XP zealot" - searching for it will probably take you to that corner of the fora.) The semi-casual result of me thinking about it was that there were probably multiple populations using the Duolingo platform. Some wanted to learn a language. Some are interested in the process of language learning (rather than the language having some personal utility). And some just want to play a game with the scoring system. Different motivations lead to different answers to the question of "what is the right way?" Cutting a long story short, I proposed letting people choose types of leagues to enter. Let the grinders ("XP-zealots") go to one area and compete amongst themselves. A different area for (say) each language to-from pair for single-language people. Maybe a group for those who want to do one lesson/week in every language on the platform - if there are any people who want to play that game. Different people want different things out of the platform. The only real problem is if you stir people from different groups together.


          I am actually on sapphire league right now but i take my time when i do story's


          Me: (Gasp) I CAN'T FOLLOW YOU!! You are such a motivationer person tho and you reminded me this is for language not racing! Thanks a lot!

          Much Appreciated, TheCatFanatic (Pamela)


          I've ben successful at making a balance between learning and competition which is the point of leagues; just take it easy, no need to rush anything slow but steady we go


          I never minded the leagues when it comes to learning languages, because I was already aware that it would just be a waste of time. Considering I spend weeks to complete just one lesson :)

          But I grinded XP in my native languages English course (and my native languages course for English speakers) - well OK even though my English isn't perfect, Duolingo wouldn't teach something brand new to me in this level.

          My goal was to reach the Diamond League then let go. But I got super bored and now... I don't even know which league I'm in.


          Tbh.. as a very competitive person.. The league actually gave me the push to keep logging..but yes, it does weigh my mind sometimes. Now, I just log in and learn one or two lesson at a day, it might seems like a good thing to compete with the league.. but it would be a shame if I learn but I don't enjoy it. The lesson won't stuck for long if the competition is our main motivation, in my opinion.


          Btw.. when I still want to compete and have fun.. I just go to Stories section and read more^^


          I am quite competitive and I want to do the leagues once, and then stop. Because if you lose and stop grinding it can stop your motivation to learn- which probably shouldnt be based on "winning" but rather on gaining the skills and knowledge


          I did the same thing - got up to Gold level and just stopped. There is no big prize for 'winning' there or for any of them. Right now I'm also going much slower and actually learning!


          Same that is what I’m doing right now lol


          and there is not point to be honest. It doesn't matter if you win first place, it doesn't stay in your records to show off and all you get is 1000 gems if you do in on the phone (not sure how many lingots). I have win 1st place is all the leagues until now, not because i grind for them but because I use duolingo a lot and seriously i think at the end of the day is not beneficial.


          On the web version under Achievements, there is one for "Winner - You finished #1 in your leaderboard." And there is one called Legendary if you place #1 in Diamond. It does feel kind of like it doesn't promote the best way of learning, at least for me and for those who are most vocal on the forums, but no two learners are alike.


          what do you mean "no point to be honest" ??? please explain this to me because there is always a need to be honest.


          Indeed :)

          A comma may have been helpful. Maybe to rephrase clearer: "And there is honestly no point (in fixating on league competition)."


          I'm sure I'll tire of the leagues at some point, but for now they are keeping me motivated. I'm not new to the languages I'm studying...I studied all three in school. For me this is a refresher and a reminder of basic grammar rules I've forgotten.


          Eeee nice. How do you quit leagues though? I always thought it was mandatory until I saw this post. If anyone in the comment section knows please tell me.


          Yes, leagues are pointless indeed. I just wish there would be an option for learners to turn off leagues from their profiles... I've been in Diamond League for like 6-7 weeks straight, and I really don't see the point of staying there even though I'm just going at my own pace.


          I completely agree with you. Most likely the same will happen with me. Still motivated to learn but not to be at an nyz position on a board. What is odd is that most comments I read specifically note this happening once arrived to sapphire level.


          I just joined Duolingo today, so your comment was greatly appreciated. I've realized that I've been spending way too much time trying to become #1 instead of actually learning. I know it may help some people, but I guess I should try to avoid it a little bit more :)


          Yeah it feels like that I am always not learning enough if I am not keeping up with enough EXP for staying in the league - but why does it matter if I don't put in the effort on learning the language rather than grinding for EXP?

          [deactivated user]

            I totally agree! Ever since I started leauges I bareley learnt any italian.So I recently left leagues


            How did you do that? I just want to keep going with the lessons and keep learning. Not interested in competing to have to be in the top 10 to go to the next league and have levels open for me. Unless that is not necessary. Honestly I haven't really understood if that is the case or not. It would be nice to get it explained.


            Totally understand..I catch myself doing just the same thing :)..sometimes it doesn't have sense. The first time I come in Duo years ago, there wasn't leagues ..think that was better


            I'm grinding, but i REALLY don't wanna quit leagues becuz I get HUGE amounts of lingots


            How do I leave leagues? I want to make the right side information disappear because it also makes me competative. I want to just learn.


            I asked the same question. Maybe someone will answer.


            Under profile -> settings -> privacy, then uncheck make my profile public.


            It did work. Thank you so much. Now I can only concentrate on learning.


            Thank you. Done. Hopefully that will work. Now does anybody know is by doing that Duolingo still keeps opening learning levels as you go forward? Sometimes I find it very repetitive. I also want the stories to keep coming out since it helps with reading comprehension.


            I'm not quite sure what you're objecting to. Certainly Duo goes back to previous lessons. There seems to be some logic to this - if you make repeated errors in ... say, conjugating a particular class of verbs ... then after a number of such errors it will "uncomplete" your marker for a relevant, earlier skill level and you'll need to go back to exercise that part of the language until you've re-demonstrated proficiency. In German, I am sick and fed up of going back to practice bloody dative and accusative conjugations (I think), but I know that when I was trying to learn Russian I also ran aground on the related question of "cases", because it is something that is extremely vague in my native English. I need to practice these things, and Duolingo keeps on picking up on it, because I know I am making a lot of errors like that.

            Which is exactly what my French & Spanish teacher did, 40-odd years ago.

            (I suspect that Duo also throws a random break in, sending you back to check your proficiency in [random]. Which again, is something my meat-in-cloth teacher used to do too.


            Somebody just posted the answer. Here it is: Under profile -> settings -> privacy, then uncheck make my profile public No guarantees it will work but it's worth the try.


            This is the standard answer I've seen. But be aware it apparently removes all friends/followers.


            This is the famous post of the Three Ways to Leave Your League (Out of Sight, Out of Mind): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33039989


            How insane! This happened to me as well, instead of learning slowly, I rushed everything and got nothing in the end. But no more!


            Agreed. I am now on private. Let's see if that takes me off the leagues.


            How did you leave leagues?


            same i spend almost all my time from 9in the night to 3 to the morning and haddent slept


            it's hard not to cheat


            I agree with that, thank you


            Thank you for this message.


            I think that is relatable with everyone; they start getting all competitive just to be #1 in their league, so they aren't truly learning anything, which is what Duolingo is for! I mean, you are right in saying that it may be motivational to some, but then the majority get a tad overcompetitive and keep trying to be first. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


            It is certainly true for some people. It is certainly untrue for some people. It is not at all clear to me that any particular person will always remain in the same group. So any effective "solution" to a "problem" associated with these aspects of human behaviour will need to be flexible and adjustable.


            Leaderboards now keep me motivated, but a key thing is to not look at them often. Think about when you are going to finish your French tree, and there will be a lot of joy in your head. Also, great job quitting leagues! My goal is to think about the language I am learning and not about the extra stuff. Happy learning and think about going to la France!


            It makes me motivated during the studying period.


            He was on that grind


            I agree with this. Doing things faster in Duolingo is of no use. One progress with learning or remembering anything. However, one gets familiarized with the language well. Repetition is the key. Do, duolingo regularly, do it slowly, read the sentences loud and try to recapitulate whatever you have learnt at the end of each chapter. This helps a lot.


            It was exactly the same with me. I was concentrated on getting XP instead understanding and remembering what I was learning. Now, I don't bother this problem and feel much better and comfortable. I only take care about the streak just for being sure I learn every day and do the progress.


            you have probably just described what i am doing so i will most likely leave the leagues to because i haven't learnt anything in ages


            Agreed. Leagues are counter-productive to learning.


            I can relate! I became super competitive while I was memorizing the Japanese alphabet and I ended up memorizing nothing. But now leagues are only my source of motivation.


            thanks for this it really helped me


            I've struggled with this. On the one hand, I find that competition motivates me to get into daily learning cycles - not so much as "I wanna beat everyone!" but more of "I want to advance to the next stage!" But at the same time, I feel like I fall into the OP's description of XP grinding.


            Leagues make some people too competitive, harm their learning, leagues are bad, yeah yeah, we already got dozens of posts about this stuff. We got it. Can we go to another topic now?


            Love this comment, have 10 useless lingots.


            222 Days of Duolingo -- Only 777 More to Day 999!


            The Juicy Streak picture didn't seem to work -- there is only a Duolingo streak flame in the top left corner; the rest of the page looks blank to me -- need more entertainment here! Like they said in the Wendy's commercials: "Where is the Beef?"!!!




            how do you leave leagues??


            Well done at the end! We are in the same boat of competitiveness. I had the same thing last night!!


            i totally agree with you, i live the same thing right now


            how long have you been using doulingo for


            Thank you for your story !


            yeah i completely ignore that, just learn in ur own pace


            I agree, I've found myself drilling through the stories without paying attention and I have to remind myself not to, but to really listen. Listening and reading separately has helped me a lot with taking in quicker sentences and accents on the stories + exercises.


            I'm currently treading water in Diamond League, for when my Duo gets fixed hopefully(!) so it doesn't erase my words in timed practice, I want to start a league on a Saturday evening (lowest pressure) and put my best shot in at a first place for the merit badge, then stop worrying about leagues altogether.


            Hopefully they will make leagues more optional when they finish running their A/B tests!


            Leagues are optional.


            xD awww that is so good


            It’s a bit overwhelming. and also in the Japanese course it likes to push sayonara but you really should never say that. it’s a small thing but still


            hmm....ive come to the ruby league. there were a few times i lost. i also dont do it every day. usually 2-3 times a week. i also cant say that it affects my learning.


            I completely agree with you. Most likely the same will happen with me. Still motivated to learn but not to be at an nyz position on a board. What is odd is that most comments I read specifically note this happening once arrived to sapphire level.


            Hi Can Duolingo add more stories in French? higher level?


            DL only has stories for 4 or so languages. I would rather see an expansion into stories for the many other languages on DL rather than add more to the few that already have them.


            Please create a new discussion rather than derailing someone else's ;-)


            I really care about days streak and league ranking, but isn't that bad, it's allowed me to go back on this website every day.


            i do the same


            In Diamond and feeling something similar... but I guess without the league I may be super lazy so it works for me somehow... But everyone has their own way of learning and you definitely shared something inspiring!


            I'm quite new here. I've been using Duolingo for about a week or so (Pardon me, I've been forgetful for the past few days), and the streaks help motivate me in my opinion. I'm the type of person that wouldn't do anything unless it involves something fun, so I guess we have different styles of learning. That's fine since everyone is unique. Thanks for sharing your opinion about it, it's nice to see another point of view once in a while :)


            I'm neutral re leagues--sometimes they motivate me, sometimes they irritate me BUT I wonder if there are ways to use the concept in a friendlier way to foster team competition, eg, which will be the first team to have each member try a timed practice?


            How do you leave a league?


            Interesting!!!!! We have all been there!!!! Once I had gotten to the Diamond league, I started to make every lesson really count. I now just make sure I do not fall into the last five which is easy enough. Thank God, the league competition is over. When I get all my levels, maybe in a years time, I will do one last burst to win the Diamond league!!!!!!

            [deactivated user]

              Completely agree, I'm working with a crown a day and that seems to be an apt level for me at moment. Simply level 5' everything for XP previously had me with in upper echelons rank wise but not proficiency wise!


              Too much emphasis on competition. You cant learn a language in that way. Same as music. It is not sport. What a "western" attitude. Be #1 at all costs. Learning facts without context is not learning at all.

              Learn French in just 5 minutes a day. For free.