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"Parfois, je pense qu'il faut savoir être égoïste."

Translation:Sometimes, I think you need to know how to be selfish.

May 31, 2020



Bad advice lol


Naw, it's true. Though I have to assume there is more to the advice to make it so. Sometimes you have to say no and take a break.


Having Balance in Life = / = "being selfish". So I agree with you that this sentence is ugly and terribly bad advice.


How do we know when to translate it as "we need to know," "one needs to know" or , as is here "you need to know." My answer was "we need to know;" marked incorrect of course. I also answered with "...an egotist," instead of "...selfish," so I don't know if that was the problem. It's a guessing game at this point.


I agree. I think Duo should accept « Sometimes, I think one should know how to be selfish ».


Where is the 'how' in the French sentence? I put "you need to know to be selfish", but was marked incorrect, so how would you say that, as there is no "how" in the sentence already?


Duo is such a slime ball. He tries to charm the crowd by promoting homosexuality, and then launches attacks using matters that arent as politically sensitive. Deceptive little owl


Acknowleging homosexuality is different to "promotion."

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