"Die Bestimmungen machen keinen Sinn."

Translation:The regulations make no sense.

July 30, 2014



Libertarian Duo

March 19, 2016


Don't you mean conservative Duo?

April 10, 2016


definitely Libertarian

June 24, 2017


Conservatives usually also love bloody regulations. I believe Duo reads Ludwig von Mises, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

February 9, 2019


Isn't "Sinn machen" an anglicism? I have been told told that "Sinn haben" is the proper usage. Could someone clarify?

July 30, 2014


Yes it is, but so common that you just have to get used to it ;) Good replacements, if you want to try to make a difference:

  • Das ist sinnvoll
  • Das hat einen Sinn
  • Das ergibt einen Sinn

(I would say not all of them are perfect in every context). More about the theme:


July 30, 2014


Ok. Thank you for the article, it was a fun read.

July 30, 2014


Thanks for sharing this article. I enjoyed it even though I must do more DUOlingo work.! Great to get it from the horse's mouth as it were!That settles it for me.

December 13, 2017


Yes, but everybody says Sinn machen :) Also, be careful: Sinn *ergeben is the original translation for to make sense, whereas Sinn haben is more like to have a meaning (in life, for example.)

November 23, 2018


I put the purposes make no sense... Wrong? It came up with the purpose.... But that's singular? It said I used the plural?

September 18, 2015


It was correct if you used the singular. The purpose don't make sense.

June 10, 2019


why do you use different translations for this ? Very confusing

October 17, 2017


Yes, they do ,even for me as a native German. The use of the correct word depends from the context and this is often a matter of interpretation. In this case try to see it as a kind of regulation, for example in a department of finance or similar.

December 13, 2017



September 2, 2017


I assumed Bestimmungen meant purposes , why was it refused & purpose is the word to use?Thank you.

September 4, 2017

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I am confused as well. I thought Bestimmung was the singular and Bestimmungen was the plural form.

October 15, 2018


Why does it accept those but not these? Should I report it?

May 18, 2018


This neatly sums up German Grammar rules, I am unsure exactly what they are and if I did know them, I am sure that the they would indeed make no sense I find myself in full and complete agreement with Mark Twain regarding his struggle with Learning German. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Awful_German_Language

June 16, 2019


article 13

June 23, 2019
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