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Avoir besoin de/du

Can someone please explain why they have used 'besoin du'in the first sentence and 'besoin de' in the second sentence below? Tu as besoin du stylo pour l'examen? Tu n'as pas besoin de ton stylo. (Reference - sentences found in Duolingo stories 'Mon stylo préféré)

June 1, 2020



it's because du is a contraction of de + le. in this construction, you always need "avoir besoin de" followed by the required thing. in the first case the thing require is any old pen, so you use "le stylo". in the second case, the person's referring to specifically your pen, so it's "ton stylo". but de + ton doesn't contract.


"besoin du stylo" - need of the pen du = de le But "besoin de ton stylo" - need of your pen - you do not combine de and ton.

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