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"Metto la quantità dopo la qualità."

Translation:I put quantity after quality.

May 10, 2013



I wrote "I place...." Not sure why it wasn't accepted.


They didn't think of it. It is a trifle idiomatic, though the usual English version is "Quality before quantity"


Me too, still not accepted! Wake up, DL!!


Is this a phrase that would correspond to: "I choose quality over quantity" or that would be "Sceglio la qualità su la quantità". Just wondering is there any similarity in usage and what is more common.


I was also interested by this. Is it typical to turn the phrase around relative to the English where we would always stress the quality by saying "quality before quantity"?


Two things: i use qual in all its forms as which, how do I know when it becomes what. Second, the the, which is so fussy as being present and being expressed - how do we know whether it's necessary or superfluous?!


Why in English without the articles?

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