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  5. "It is wet in Finland."

"It is wet in Finland."

Translation:Tha i fliuch anns an Fhionnlainn.

June 1, 2020



An Fhionnlann, with the direct article like most countries, therefore anns an Fhionnlain. It's in the course tips. https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


thanks for the link to the course tips! This bit of grammar is not in the lesson ( "About me") tips nor any of those leading up to the lesson I believe


But a couple of questions ago, "Ann am Fionnlainn" was in "Finland". What's the difference? And how did it acquire that 'h'?


Unfortunately, a wee mistake was made in Tree 1 so the answer reads as "Tha i fliuch ann am Fionnlainn."

The correct translation of this sentence is "Tha i fliuch anns an Fhionnlainn."

Finland is An Fhionnlainn in Gaelic, and not 'Am Fionnlainn'. Sorry for the confusion, but both will be accepted here, and it will be fixed in Tree 2 :)


Is this word starting with F an exception to the "am" before BFMP rule?


I do not understand why Fionnlainn now had an h. also, why Anns and not Ann like all the other places we have learned so far?


the answer says 'Tha i fliuch san Fhionnlain'

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