"This is not long at all."

Translation:Chan eil seo fada idir.

June 1, 2020

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The position of 'seo' changes frequently, what are the grammar rules?


If it works as a determiner (this X, these Ys) of another noun – it goes after the definite noun, eg. an taigh seo this house (you can think of it as something like the house right here), a’ phàirc seo this park, na cait seo these cats, etc.

But it also can word on its own as a subject or an object, roughly meaning this thing, just as English this can: na ith seo don’t eat this (thing), chan eil seo fada this (thing) is not long.

And it can work as a copular this is, an abbreviation for ’s e seo… this is…, for defining what this (thing) is: seo m’ athair (or ’s e seo m’ athair) this is my father; seo cat (or ’s e seo cat) this is a cat.

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