"Nous peignons tout ce que nous voulons peindre."

Translation:We paint everything that we want to paint.

June 1, 2020

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why can't we say 'we paint whatever we want to paint.'


I'm confused why "ce que" is needed here instead of just "que". Could anyone explain?


ce que is used instead of que because it introduces a full idea/concept like a second thought (every thing we want to paint) .. NOT just a clarification/description of the previous 'noun/object'.

Monet's "Water Lilies" is the painting that I hung in my studio == Les "Nénuphars" de Monet est le tableau que j'ai accroché dans mon atelier. ... que because the relative clause is ONLY adding description to the particular noun in the first clause. Monet's painting 'water lilies' is a great example of what we describe as french impressionism.. ==La peinture de Monet "nénuphars" est un bel exemple de ce que nous appelons l'impressionnisme français.... introduces a whole new idea/thought.

Little tricky to grasp sometimes (least for me).. but I often use the word 'that' and see what follows after. If it is a complex sentence then 'that' is usually translated by 'ce que'.

Hope this 'helps' a little.. if not here's a good five minutes respite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G10fIaOsCmc


I tried everything I could think of. Including the suggested "We paint everything that we want to paint." but it did not accept anything! There was a bug. June 2020. I could only move on by clocking "Can't listen now"


If it was a listening exercise, then you were supposed to type it in French, not in English.


the listening exercise does not have any sound at all.


Sitesurf, doesn't this really mean "We paint anything that we want to paint." and not "We paint everything that we want to paint."?


Isn't the meaning of this expressed as "We paint whatever we want to paint"?


Yes, but try convincing Duo of that.


It's called "tagging"!


is there a reason why tout isn't translated as "all" -we paint all that we want to paint?


"All" would be "tous/toutes", "tout" => "everything".


I wrote: We paint all everything we want to paint. But it was wrong because I forgot 'that'. In previous lessons they encourage us to translate and drop 'that' as being unnecessary. Why not in this instance?


It is far more likely that Duo is rejecting "all everything", as I believe it should.

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