"Seo uachdar, seo bainne."

Translation:This is cream, this is milk.

June 1, 2020

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Is this pronounced with a 'g' sound? Oo-ach-ger?


Yes, /uəxɡər/. That’s because /x/ has the same place of articulation as /ɡ/ (both /x/ and /ɡ/ are velar consonants – you place the back of your tongue on the soft palate or velum when speaking them) but the place of articulation of /d/ is very different (the tongue touches the upper teeth).

That triggered Gaelic to assimilate the /d/ into /ɡ/ here, changing older /xd/ into /xɡ/. You’ll see this basically in all words with chd in them, eg. Gàidhealtachd (Highlands, the Gaeldom) being pronounced /ɡeː.əɫdəxɡ/.

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