"Tha cabhag oirre."

Translation:She is in a hurry.

June 1, 2020

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I've said it before but ... typing in orra here instead of oirre and being marked wrong feels harsh. Surely context would normally help you out here - and there can't be any when you're trying to translate isolated sentences.


Prepositional Pronoun --- English Translation

orm ------------------------ on me

ort ------------------------- on you

air ------------------------- on him / on it (masculine)

oirre ----------------------- on her / on it (feminine)

oirnn ---------------------- on us

oirbh ---------------------- on you (plural / polite)

orra ----------------------- on them


Thanks for reply - but this was an aural question on my run through so purely about the difference in pronunciation. I understand the difference between what the words mean, on paper.


Same. It sounded like orra to me as well.


sounds like oirre to me, with more of an "euh" sound at the end than an "ah".


I wrote the correct translation and was marked as incorrect. Why?


Pro tip for everyone, write oirra when you cant distinguish between oirre and orra. Yes it teaches you wrong but you will be marked correct for it as it just thinks you're making a spelling mistake. Removes the frustration a bit but it is appalling that a language learning app is teaching you to spell things wrong instead of just updating the course.

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