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"We bike, run and swim every Friday."

Translation:Wij fietsen, rennen en zwemmen elke vrijdag.

July 30, 2014



What is the difference between ieder and elk?


They are interchangeable in pretty much all cases.


Anyone knows what the difference between elk and elke are?


I believe they are the same word. Adjectives are given and -e ending depending on the noun they come before.


Indeed, the meaning of the words is the same. When the word starts with het then elk is used, and when it starts with de elke is used. Elke fiets (de fiets) = Every bike (the bike) Elk moment (het moment) = Every moment (het moment)


Hi, is there a difference between "rennen" and "hardlopen"? Just curious because my Dutch teacher told me that the latter would be preferably used for running as a sport (as mentioned in the phrase above; in contrast to walking fast from point A to point B).


Your teacher is right. "Hardlopen" or "joggen" is used for 'running' as a sport (like running a marathon), and 'rennen' is, well, 'running'. Like what children do when they play, or when you need to catch a train, or something like that.


: / I put "we (wij) fietsen, rennen en zwemmen s'vrijdag" ... Is that a proper construction and, if so, doesn't it mean the same thing? Is it incorrect because it's not the literal translation ('every Friday' was what was requested vs 'on Fridays') ...


The use of 's (which is short for des, but they dropped the de, leaving 's) with days of the week or other indications of time in Dutch is hard to explain. If you wanted to use it the way you tried, it would be 's Vrijdags fietsen, rennen en zwemmen wij. Although I'm not even sure if 's is used with vrijdag. You can say 's maandags or 's woensdags. I found a YouTube video (in Dutch) explaining some uses of 's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk-_v3qcvAc


Dank u wel, Catharina :) How interesting that it can be used met maandags of woensdags, maar misschien niet vridags. I will check out the link when I get to my own computer- thanks for your response-- cheers (ps- can it be said: vridagen for Fridays?)


Graag gedaan! The 's is short for 'des' (it's old Dutch) and it really means 'in de' or 'in the...' I'm not even sure why you can say 's maandags or 's woensdags, because you're really saying in de maandag (in the monday) or in de woensdag (in the wednesday). It is more commonly used with 's avonds (in the evening), 's morgens (in the morning), 's nachts (at night), 's winters (in the winter), and those make more sense. No, you wouldn't say 'Vrijdagen fietsen, rennen en zwemmen wij.' You'd just say 'Vrijdags fiesten, rennen en zwemmen wij' or Dinsdags gaan we altijd naar de markt (Tuesdays we always go to the market). I think I may be teaching you a colloquialism though, when it comes to the last two sentences. It is more common to just say 'Wij fiesten, rennen en zwemmen elke vrijdag' or Elke dinsdag gaan we naar de markt. I hope this clarifies it.

PS: Just curious, where did you pick up on the 's ? Is it taught in one of the Dutch exercises here on Duolingo or did you hear it from a native Dutch speaker.


Bedankt! Nice to know how these things work with some certainty- I appreciate your thorough response :) Ja, I first found the 's in one of the Duo lessons. Haha, I originally thought it was an 'apostrophe s' of the previous word. It intrigued me, so I wrote the sentence down. I'm having connection issues at home so stuck this week using the pc at the library, so I can't share the sentence now, but will share it with you next time I'm here. Thanks again!


Here is a link to a short explanation in Dutch 'Taalkwestie: 's maandags, 's dinsdag? ' http://cultuurblok.blogspot.nl/2015/03/taalkwestie-s-maandags-s-dinsdag.html?m=1

This is the official explanation of the Dutch Taalunie: http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/929

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