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  5. "See you later, William."

"See you later, William."

Translation:Chì mi a-rithist thu, Uilleim.

June 1, 2020



I wrote "Chì mi a-rithist thu, a Uilleim." and it was accepted, but it offered me the answer without the "a" before "Uilleim" and I was wondering why since we're talking to him, tapadh leabh!


It's in the notes https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd :

Vowels in Gaelic hate each other. Specifically, they hate to be seen next to one another. When two vowels appear together in Gaelic, one is often dropped. This makes Gaelic streamlined, like a wet cormorant.

The vocative particle a is dropped before a vowel because of this vowel vendetta. Masculine names beginning with vowels still slenderise.

Aonghas (Angus - a man's name)

BROKE / WRONG - Halò, a Aonghais.

BESPOKE / RIGHT - Halò, Aonghais.

Ealasaid (Elizabeth - a woman's name)

BROKE / WRONG - Halò, a Ealasaid.

BESPOKE / CORRECT - Halò, Ealasaid.


Doesn't "a-rithist" really mean "again"?


if this is vocative, why not uilleam

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