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  5. "Tha falt bàn air Mairead."

"Tha falt bàn air Mairead."

Translation:Margaret has fair hair.

June 2, 2020



Would it be something different for "Margaret is blonde" ?


No, it's just that bàn literally means fair/pale.


margeret is female so why is it 'air'


See my answer to saskia...

Short answer: we are just saying ‘on + Margaret’ = air + Mairead...
....NOT ‘on + her’ = air + i = oirre


I'm confused, why is it "air" instead of "oirre"? Am I thinking of the wrong verb?


No it’s the right preposition (I think that’s the right technical term here!).
We are using ‘air’ = on.
But we do NOT need to say ‘oirre’/‘on HER’ because we say Mairead explicitly.
So we just use base ‘air’.
(...although confusingly also ‘air’ = air + e = on him - we are not using that sense here).

The full list is given in tips for Feelings 2...
... or ALL tips listed here! https://duonotes.fandom.com/wiki/Scottish_Gaelic

Saying (this is WRONG but to explain) ‘tha falt bàn oirre Mairead” = the fair hair is on her Margaret, ie we don’t need ‘her’ AND ‘Margaret’!

She has fair hair = tha falt bàn oirre (ie. air + i = oirre)
Margaret has fair hair = tha falt bàn air Mairead (ie. air + Mairead)


No problem - glad it made sense!

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