"I was not there yesterday afternoon."

Translation:Cha robh mi ann feasgar an-dè.

June 2, 2020

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Not sure why it has to be 'ann' not 'an-sin'?


I put an-sin and it was accepted... still not sure why one would be used over the other though, sorry!


Me too. I think both are ok. Not sure of there is a difference


I was expecting to be able to choose an-sin from the words, because in my head (quite possibly wrongly) an-sin is there as in a location, but ann is there as in there is rain now. Am I just muddled?


You're right about an-sin meaning there at a particular location. Cha robh mi ann is more like I wasn't around, not really specifying a location. Both work for the English sentence though.


I put an sin (not an-sin) and it was accepted. I have put ann in the past but I wanted to check if an sin was ok. I would like to know if thete is a nuanced difference in meaning though.


Eveytime the audio for "cha" is from the young female voice, it sounds like "quiche." No one else has commented on this, which makes me wonder if the pronunciation varies that widely, or if others are not being given the same audio as me.


I've commented the same thing in some other sentence some time ago. Could it be a dialect variation???


Same question, why "ann" and not " an sin"? No one seems to be giving a definitive answer. Are we to assume both are correct?


It accepted an-sin, but told me I had missed a space between an and sin. Is it not hyphenated? It is in my words list


Yes, it is. This seems to be a Duo glitch. I always put the hyphen in anyway.


I put ann sin and was marked incorrect.


Why is “an sin” incorrect?


Why is “an sin” incorrect?


Feeling quite daft because of the list of words I talked myself into Cha robh mi ann an feasgar an-dè. Sometimes the list of words helps other times I make a really daft word choice I wouldn't have made if I'd had to type something. That said being dyslexic there are times I like having the words to choose from rather than mangle the spelling of a word I know is the right one but get it wrong because not even the Duolingo algorithm can claim it as a typo.

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