"The farm is on fire because of the storm."

Translation:La ferme est en feu à cause de la tempête.

June 2, 2020

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What's the difference between la tempête and l'orage?


Hello, "tempête" is a general term for storm, whereas "orage" is a thunderstorm. A "tempête" can refer to a snow storm, a wind storm, heavy rain...


Chances are that it was "un orage" with lightning (la foudre) putting the house on fire.


Bonjour Roody

My neighbours here in Haute Savoie consider " une tempête" to be a storm at sea [a tempest] so use "un orage" when we have storms. [That is also the term used for local weather warnings].

I see that Sitesurf has defined un Orage as a storm that includes thunder & lightening...which is the only type we get here in the mountains!


Autocorrect changed ferme to femme, so I was marked wrong and lost a heart even though I knew the correct answer. Happens all the time. I wish Domingo would give us the chance to check and correct our mistakes before marking us wrong, it would imorove the app SO MUCH!


Domingo? Damn autocorrect!


Why not du tempête instead of de la tempête.


Bonjour John,

"Du" is the contraction of "De" and "Le".

La Tempête is feminine.

Hope that helps :]


I should have known. Thanks.

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