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How can I see what questions my student got wrong?

I'd like to be able to better help them by seeing exactly what sentences / phrases they got incorrect. I don't see this under the Activity Log.

June 2, 2020



You can see what questions they got wrong on their devices after they completed a lesson. Just tell them to click on the review button and show you what they got wrong. They can also click on them and it will show the response you gave and the correct answer.


This doesn't help when they are remote. I guess I'd have to have them send screenshots for everything that was done.


However, you as a teacher will not have access to this information unless you have your students send you a screenshot.

I think one of the beauties of Duolingo -- especially in this time of remote learning -- is that your student won't be able to progress until he gets everything right. So for the moment, just fall back on the patterns that you already know to look for, and work on those with your students. Just my advice.


Being remote has its challenges, especially being able to see where they are struggling.


Yeah, I hear you. We can only do the best that we can, huh?

The thing I am missing the most -- okay, one of the many things that I am missing the most -- is the ability to give instant feedback. At least Duo can help us in that regard.

Good luck, and hang in there!


Thanks! Duo has been a huge help and the community has been wonderful. Thanks your your feedback.

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