It is increasingly difficult to use my microphone with Duolingo. I have to repeat a sentence as many as one hundred times before DL accepts my reply. Most times DL shows nothing but the three dots for my response. Sometimes it is very responsive.

Anyone else experience this? Suggestions?

I am using Chrome on a Mac.

July 30, 2014


I could not use my microphone at all with Chrome. I switched to Firefox and it's working better.

I tried Firefox and got good results too. Unfortunately, Firefox makes me allow Duolingo to use the microphone every time that kind of lesson comes up. Is there a way to permanently allow Duolingo access to my microphone?

When the flash window came up, asking for permission, there was a box that could be checked. Something like "remember my choice" or "always for this website".

I am experiencing something "similar". Most of the time the mike works perfectly fine, answers are understood and I do get either a green OK or a red Try-again. But now and then - no one knows why and when - it's not responding anymore. Doesnt even show the red "that's probably wrong" message or offers to skip this one. There is only the button the turn of the mike completely. Strange.

Don't know whether this is the same effect that you describe.

I am having the same issue on Chrome with a mac and using a set of afterglow headphones with mic still not working

I'm using Linux with Firefox and haven't been able to get the mic to accept an answer at all yet. I give it a try every few days, but have pretty much given up on bothering. No response from messages to support, and I have tried a headset, external and internal microphones with the same result.

I have a Logitech headset on Linux system (Ubuntu) running Firefox. I can hear everything (music, duolingo) but anything from my microphone. The sound bar moves when I check Sound Settings, but I can't hear it and neither can duolingo. Is this what you're experiencing? I'm wondering if it has anything to do with Firefox plugins. I'll keep trying and post a solution if I find one. Pretty frustrating.

I've been having this problem today with the app, though for some reason it's linked to the sentence itself.

It asked me, "Er hat Hunde? (Does he have dogs?)" and it would not recognize me saying this no matter how many times I redid the lesson. Mind you, it recognized me saying, "Ich habe Zeitungen (I have the newspapers)" and another complex phrase, but not the simple one. Even when I exaggerated the question aspect of it and spoke very slowly, the app would recognize it, and would say, "That doesn't sound right. Try it again"; "That still doesn't sound right. Give it another try"; "Let's skip this one for now." I'm thankful it didn't deduct a heart from me for it, but still.

I am having the same problem. It is enough to discourage one from usiing Duolingo as I can't go on to the next exercise without losing my progress. Please, Duolingo, you have a good program but this needs to be fixed.

I cannot use the microphone in Firefox even though I have been through all the Flash Player setup. It's OK in MS Edge. But IE 11 is not recognised by Duolingo - the web page says that my IE is out of date and won't work with Duolingo. However, I have IE 11 at the latest version. Duolingo is out of date.

Same here. The problem must be with Flash. Chrome hates Flash. Duolingo has to get away from using Flash.

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